Why Build Your Own Website? You Control It!

Why Build Your Own Website?

Please read on, and I’ll explain.

Ok. You read my “About Me” page, right? Remember I confessed to being taken in by on-line scammers? Well… let me take you on a little pleasure trip to my past. It includes real-life, face-to-face scammers.

color-866098_1920jewelry-828914_1920sew-681155_1920About 10-11 years ago I had the most fantastic business idea. I had a concept of an idea that was going to be absolutely amazing. I was getting on the train early (front row seat), and I was going to be one of the pioneers by getting in on the ground floor. I was ready to go head-to-head with the auction and bidding sites of the world. I was going to build my first web site.

Man – I had dreams. Big ones. It was a site where artists could come together and sell their items online – where they could build their own website within my website.  They could promote, sell and get noticed. I was going to help artists get the exposure (and money) they deserved. My other idea was online care providers (nannies, home health, dog sitting, etc) – you pop in criteria and POW; you could find qualified care in your area.

I thought it was brilliant! And it was.

So this was the process back then:

I had NO website skills. I didn’t know how to write program – I knew nothing about HTML. I knew nothing about codes, links, pages and sub-pages, sections and categories, cross-linking content, alphabetical algorithms, CSS, tables, frames, servers – you get the picture. I knew nothing about domains, web hosting, web storage, blah…blah…blah. What did I know?  I had no money.

So I had this fantastic idea. HUGE LIGHTBULB MOMENT.

internet-1181586_1280I went to an established Tech College, met with the Dean and pitched an idea to hire 2-3 techno-kid as interns to help me build the site(s). These techno-kids were gonna show me how it’s done!  I was ready to learn about the World Wide Web!  I would build one site at a time. GENIUS! The Dean agreed and together we drew up a student contract for non-compete. Perfect.

Then the journey began. I decided to start with the artist site. Tons of meetings. Late night rendezvous’. Tons of black coffee and no-doz. I drew out the templates, the foundations, the sections, and layers. We tweaked and maneuvered and cut and pasted. While the interns wrote code and built the website, I went on the search for artists and crafters and painters…oh my! We decided to start with the artist site.  The students loved my idea, they were so stoked – and they wanted in on the action.  Partnerships?  How exciting!

error-101408_1280BOOM! Then is all came crashing down. After months and months of hard work, sleepless nights and blood, sweat and tears…the student interns stopped showing up and wouldn’t return my calls. They wouldn’t respond to email.  They disappeared with their computers and kept my project notes! I even drove to the one house I knew – no answer.  Then I understood.  They had taken my ideas and my website.

Hard lesson learned.

Fast forward to today.

Enter – stage right: CMS (Content Management Systems).

What’s that mean? I won’t get into the technical details of it – because I don’t do techy-stuff, but this is what it does:


This process makes it simple for anyone (yep…even for me and you), to build our own website in very simple steps. The code is already there, you just pick and click (pick your theme, and start building content).



CMS took away the techie barriers and brought web site design to the people. Thank you!

Here’s what it entails:

  • It’s very easy to install and set-up (I’ll show you at Wealthy Affiliate)
  • No HTML, no code, no problem!
  • Over 2000 website templates to choose from
  • You can build 2 sites with the Free Offer – up to 50 with Premium!
  • Wealthy Affiliate does the hosting
  • Install thousands of “add on” features and website functionality and a few clicks
  • Help, support and nurturing within our Wealthy Affiliate community.

Ahhhhh. Feel that cool breeze? Feels great, doesn’t it?

Are you ready? Do you feel your bravery kicking in? Let’s build this thing.

But first… The Most Important Aspects of a Website

Your website is the HUB of your business. Whether your business is brick and mortar or a web-based, a quality site is what drives your success. Quality is defined as:

  • Professional Design & Look – Is it eye candy for your reader? Clean, concise and nice looking?
  • Speed & Load Time – is your site quick and efficient? Or slow and freeze up.
  • Ease of navigation across all platforms (iPhones, iPad, Laptops, etc.). Can that cell phone user get at your website on the run? Is your site user friendly?
  • AND…Quality website content – this is your part. Don’t worry, we’ll talk about content in due time.

Folks, this is simple because Wealthy Affiliate gives you access to all of that. Follow those simple steps and you’ll have a successful and profitable website in no time.

CLICK HERE to get started.

Until next time…

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