SCAM? Exitus Elite Lifestyles – EXIT STAGE LEFT!

PRODUCT NAME:  Exitus Elite Lifestyles

Overall Ranking:  0 out of 100

Owners:  Paul Stevenson

Price:  $299.00 just to signup to look inside (without the product purchase)*


*An invitation is required from a current and active member to join.


I always have my “scam” ears and eyes on.  I’ve been taken so many times by “well meaning” entrepreneurs who promise me riches beyond my wildest dreams, that I just pretty much live skeptical. I’m being honest here…yes I was that naïve and impressionable, and yes I’ve lost a boatload of money and time.  I even thought my sensibilities had left me – but now I know I was being courted and wooed.  I would “fall in love”.  A lot of us have been wooed, we just don’t want to admit it to anyone.  It caught us off guard and we are embarrassed that we let someone take advantage of our weakness.

In Love!Well…part of what I do here is multi-fold.  First I want to help individuals start and grow legitimate businesses.  You know, those that take actual work and commitment.  And secondly, to keep watch on potential fraud or scams that might entice us to give over our hard earned cash, and our hearts.

Well, today is the day.  As I was traipsing ’bout the internet I found something so awesome and so intriguing that I just had to check it out.  🙂  After all I’m always looking for love and finding it!  I’m ready to announce and profess that love to the world!

My heart palpitated.  I got goose bumps.  My pulse quicken and I began to sweat.  Oh, boy!  I was about to fall head over heels.  This was it folks!  I’m ready for my first date.

Enter The Love Of My Life:  Exitus Elite

Homebase:  London, England U.K.

This company has a very engaging website and great graphics.  It’s very visually appealing and professional looking; like a custom made Armani three-piece Suit.  I like that.  On my first date – I enjoyed our introductory banter as we got to know each other.

The whispers of sweet nothings in my ear made me tingle.

…Live Life Debt Free!

A life without limits? More Choice? Freedom?
All this and more is possible!

…It’s Time for a Change, and I can see you’re ready!

Why live the 9-5 grind… the commute… the rat race… the stress?  Relax…work from home just a few hours a week. (This one really got my attention).  I’m listening (batting my eyes).

…Automated Systems Generate Thousands Of Dollars For You

I can make money literally on Auto-Pilot.  I like that.  I just have to want it!

…No, my love, No Cold Calling, No Explaining, No Selling

I never have to talk to a single person, ever again.  Big Papa takes care of that.  The owner will take your calls for you.

…Works For Everyone! (Even me!)

The “Genesis Product Package” is full of educational audios and videos.  These online skills will catapult me where I belong – On Top!

They claim to be a “game changer” in the industry.  Only problem is…What’s the industry?  They never really say.

The Good & the Bad

The Good

This program is really set up to impress the hell outta ya.  There is an impressive array of training materials and educational products that you have to pay for.  The “Genesis” product line is broken down into manageable bits of comprehensive information from Basic – for the newbie outlining information such as 4-figure promotions, building your traffic, list building and make money in 5 minutes.  Marketing – advanced traffic building, social media and hash# traffic, and video marketing blueprint.  Professional Development – Law of Attraction, Motivation and Magnetic persuasion.  And Health and Wellness – teaching you to be healthy and well.

The compensation is automated.  They have a “one-up” system that pays you royalties after you pass up your first commission check to your up-line, almost like MLM payouts.  However, your first commission (if you get one) is considered to be a qualifying sale only – so you are required to “hand it over”.  They explain “One-Up” this way…the commission generated on your very first sale, along with the person making the product purchase, will “pass up” to your referrer.  But then after that?  ALL CAKE!  That’ when your money starts rolling in.

Supposedly, when you do get a sale, you don’t even have to close that sale.  Several of the videos I came across on YouTube said the owner of the company closes the sale for you.  Kind of weird…but okay – I’ll go with it.

The Bad

First off, I must apologize.  I wanted to sign up with Exitus Elite and give you a total picture of what they have to offer.  I was intrigued.  BUT…when I went to sign up it was going to cost me a required minimum of $299.99 just to step inside AND I had to be “invited” by a current member.  That was just the cost to look and does not include purchasing their training materials and educational packages.

This is a compiled list of what I was able to find on the “membership” fees.  I had to really dig, and I’m not swearing to these costs at all, because I couldn’t see for myself – which I would have preferred.

  • TRAINEE PRODUCTS = $400 plus License Fee $100
  • EXECUTIVE PRODUCTS = $800 plus License Fee $200
  • SENIOR EXECUTIVE PRODUCTS = $1,600 plus License Fee $400
  • BUSINESS EXECUTIVE PRODUCTS = $3,000 plus License Fee $500
  • SENIOR BUSINESS EXECUTIVE PRODUCTS = $5,200 plus License Fee $1,300
  • AMBASSADOR PRODUCTS = $9,600 plus License Fee $2,400
  • ELITE PRODUCTS = $20,00 plus License Fee $5,000

When you look at those numbers…understand that according to their Terms and Conditions, they do not refund your money for any reason, because their package is digital in nature and not a tangible product.  However, if you cancel within 14 days you might get your license fee refunded, but that’s all.

Also, you only get commission based on the level of your “buy in” to the program.

Also, no matter how hard I looked, I didn’t find any retail products, out bound affiliate links, professional services or any detailed business model.  Was this company affiliate marketing?  Was it home-based mail order? Was is Pay Per Click?  Was it a true MLM?  From what I could tell, the compensation plan revolves around affiliates signing up, paying their affiliate fee and then recruiting others who do the same, and it’s VERY pricey.

There is a STRONG video presence for this company.  All videos say pretty much the same thing – and are very cookie cutter and predictable.  Videos are done from their cars, boats, back yards, park, almost anywhere they can “show” you they don’t have real jobs.  And almost every video shows the arrival of FedEx, them opening their envelope, then showing you their check.  I think that’s cheesy.  And to me it proves nothing.  One video said “All I do is sit and wait for my checks to arrive”.  Geez dude, get a life!  And if only if were that easy!

Who is Exitus Elite For?

I’m going out on a limb here.  I know and understand that most of these on-line business are marketable to newbies.  However, I truly think someone of great experience might benefit from a program such as this one.  Someone with highly developed traffic and leads, and someone with strong target market processes in place might be able to turn a decent buck.

I don’t think this is for a newbie.

I didn’t see any information on training support or community support, but everyone in the videos said you can always call the owner of the company (dang I bet he gets a lot of calls!)  But they – themselves – also said they could also be available for you if need be.

Every level appears to be an upsell.  Again, this is a pricey business from what I can see.

My Final Observation?  Exitus Elite Lifestyles…Exit Stage Left!

PRODUCT NAME:  Exitus Elite Lifestyles

Overall Ranking:  0 out of 100

Owners:  Paul Stevenson

Price:  $299.00 just to signup to look inside (without the product purchase)*


My Recommendation:  I DO NOT RECOMMEND!

At this writing, and after much research, I was unable to find any real feedback about this company and it’s structure.  I guess everyone is still in the honeymoon phase.  The only information I was able to find were affiliated websites and video endorsements.  Apparently, it’s still so new that current members are building their business and following the structured blueprint training.

Once you get past the smoke and mirrors of Exitus Elite’s beautiful “Home” site there is a lot of information, but nothing with real merit and no real tangible content or value.  Current “Members” have a static blueprint they follow to market this business…and it shows.  As far as I can tell, this company has only been around a few months and is already making quite a splash with those looking to making money.  Please beware!  I say that because it appears that their domain name was registered on February 26th of this year (2016).  This could be a bait and switch company, coming and going under different business names…just to take the money and run.  Just a thought.

It appears since this is not retail inspired, Pay Per Click, or affiliate marketing, the only way to make an income is to constantly sign up new memberships.  There are no repeat customers in this business.

And again, to sum it all up.  In my opinion, this company needs to be around a bit longer in order to gain some credibility when asking for this kind of money.  I’m always skeptical when I encounter Terms and Conditions that absolutely refund none of your money.  Okay…part of your money; like I said above, it you cancel within 14 days you do get your fee back.  But in order to get even that, you have to write the company and request your money.  Your 14 days might be “technically” up by the time they receive it.

Give a pass on this one.  Let them sit an marinate awhile and see what comes of it.  But from where I’m sitting, I don’t see them hanging around for any length of time.

Peace and be safe.

And, until next time…

Sheila Signature

If you have been scammed in the past, describe your experience and let’s talk about how we can keep affiliate marketing a safe place to be.  Also, read about my #1 Recommendation here.



  1. Susan

    Thanks for the information, Sheila. Definitely sounds a bit fishy, though a wait-and-see approach, like you suggest, would be be fair. Keep us posted if you come across any new information.

    Always look forward to what you have to say.

    Have a great day!


    • You’re welcome for the info, Susan. I’m always on the hunt for new opportunities. My starry-eyed past left me penniless and heartbroken. I fell in love with shiny objects. My goal is to make sure people have a thought process in place before handing over their hard earned money. This is apparently a new business structure as there is not a lot out there about them yet. I really wanted to know more, but balked at that price tag. It was almost like paying admittance to window shop.

      This is one of the things I love about Wealthy Affiliate. They gave me a chance to “try before you buy”. I like that.

      It will be interesting to see how Exitus Elite pans out. I will definitely be keeping watch.

      Peace, and make it a great day.

  2. DAN

    Nice name for a SCAM – Basically just think of this before you waste your money . You

    spend $1000 then they “Exit us” leaving with your money.. Get it Exitus = Exit us

    • Sorry for the late reply (sometimes the job gets in the way and I’ve been jet-setting)… but I totally agree with you. Interesting name, isn’t it? They say it’s all in a name – and I’m inclined to agree! 🙂


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