Reviews On Books – The Joy of NOT Working

The Joy of NOT Working

Overall Ranking: 10/10

*Price: $9.49 for paper back

Author: Ernie J. Zelinski

Book Length:  240 pages


If you are retired (or even thinking about it), please consider arming yourself with some fun perspectives on how to rethink your everyday life.  For me, this book was a brilliant breath of fresh air on how to look at your employment, unemployment or overworked and stressful situations which we all have to deal with at some point in our lives.

You’ll get insights on:

  • How to loaf effectively
  • What leisure time really means
  • Old dogs learning new tricks!
  • Developing “character” within your unemployment
  • Finding out who you really are when you’re unemployed!
  • How NOT to be bored
  • The difference between “living” and “alive”
  • How to RUN from negative people
  • How not to define yourself by you J.O.B.

And my all time favorite thing I learned?

  • “Ultimately nothing really matters – and if it does..SO WHAT”

That’s a heck of a snap shot, ain’t it?

Have I gotten your attention?  Good.  This book literally made me smile – even through the adversities of my own dilemmas.  I found myself wading through my emotions of being unemployed when I stumbled upon a chance to start my own business.  In my search of good products, I found this little gem and couldn’t resist buying it.  Never mind I had no money to waste on such trivialities…I had to have it.  Best dang decision I could have made.  This little book I didn’t need – literally saved my sanity.

I’ve been a workaholic my whole life and watched my life pass before my eyes as my dedication was getting me nowhere.  I was burned out.  Being unemployed forced me to really take a look at myself in the mirror and I didn’t like what I saw.  I was all wrong in my thinking.  Now was the time to really like who I was – but I couldn’t figure it out because I always associated the “me” with my job title.

Time for change

Time to be brave. Time for change.


This book changed that.  And it will change you too.  It made me remember a quote from Wayne Dyer that I’ve always loved but forgot…”If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”.  Brilliant.  And this book is simply brilliant!



Read this book, especially if you’re ready to change your mindset.  But be ready when it happens – it can take your breath away.  You’ll be reading stuff you have only thought about – and now here it is…in ink.  If you’re not ready to make some changes, stay away from this book.  It will delight you.  Invite you to think differently.  Challenge old thoughts and theories.  And…make you stand and take notice of your attitudes and beliefs about yourself.  But hey…these are all good things, right?


Take this read at face value and not literally.  Ask yourself some rhetorical questions and see what your brain comes up with…then don’t act – think.  If you hate your job – don’t just up and quit without a net to catch you.  You know this…but don’t get so wrapped up in your reading that you take things literal.  Enjoy the read for what it is.  Good solid information that gives you food for thought.

This was the only con for me.  I’m an open-minded individual and know how to weed out information I can use, and information I should ignore.

Also, this book is inspirational.  If you’re not into inspirational fluff with substance…stay away.




This book is inspirational.  I believe this book is not just for retired, unemployed and overstressed people, I think this book is for anyone searching for another way to view the world and their situations within that world.  If you’re ready to face the “real you”, then come on…this book should be on your list of “must read”.


Ultimately, what this book taught me was “balance”.  It’s all there is really.  Get balance…then try to keep it.  I find sometimes this can be a daily struggle for me – other times it’s so darn easy I wonder how I ever got off balance.  “Live Life to the Fullest” is so cliché.  Or is it?


YES! And for the price?  YES!

*Prices may vary depending on your style of purchase and can vary from seller to seller. New/Used, Hardback/Paperback.

Until next time…

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  1. Deraj

    The Joy of Not working seems interesting book just from its title. Sure I will get one. I’m excited to read it. Thanks

    • You’re welcome. I’m an avid reader and it’s fun to share. It’s kind of like having a book club on-line! 🙂 Thank you for your interest and taking time to visit my website.

      Peace, and make it a great day!


  2. Susan

    Hi, Shiela,

    Loved the review. Now I have to go out an get it! Inspirational stuff is right up my alley. =)

    My work life has been tough over the past few years so this might be just what I need.

    Take care,

    • Susan! I’m so glad you found me and took time to stop by. I have to tell you, nothing soothes the “toughies” more than building and owning something that is yours…and yours alone. I’m glad you were inspired, that’s where success begins. Once inspiration takes hold, all you need are the support and tools to make your dreams happen. Step inside our community at Wealthy Affiliate – and you’ll see what I mean.

      You take care as well, and make it a great day!

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