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Developing the Leaders Around You

Overall Ranking: 8/10

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Author: John C. Maxwell

Book Length: 224 pages


As baby boomers, we have this natural drive to be uplifting and supportive – a need to mentor and develop those around us.  We have this built in mechanism that pushes us to help others achieve their dreams, while we achieve ours.  There is a transition on the horizon.  As us baby boomers leave the market this places the next generation in a position to take the reins of business.  For this transition to happen flawlessly…developing that leadership is important.  These new leaders will be leading their Gen-Xer’s, the Millennials, and the rest of us baby boomers still in the workforce.  We can help them prepare for this.

I’ve always been a natural helper/teacher and supporter of the people.  I was the one who always rooted for the underdog or under served.  I was the one who always lead by example and stood up for what’s right.  I believe now that it’s always been hard wired for me to do so.

Back then, I didn’t know what it was called.  I didn’t think of myself as noble or courageous.  I didn’t see myself as having any particular qualities.  I just knew what my conscience told me do, and how to respond.

Now I know it was called “Leadership”.

Leadership is the key

I’ve had this book a very long time.  Well, long in that I’ve read this book more than a few times.  Someone special to me gave me this book about 5 years ago.  Believe it or not, it was an old boss of mine.  Man…I MISS HIM!  Oh, we were like oil and water sometimes, but we made a formidable team.  In fact, we still talk from time to time.  It’s a lucky thing when you have someone you work with who believes in you, your thoughts and input, and tells you about the value you bring to the table.  Lucky, me.

Throughout my entire career, I’ve been lucky enough to have those true mentors in my life.  They took time out of their busy schedules to develop me to be the best I can be.  Do you know why they took that time?  They saw me developing others.  I was not only working along side my people, but I was engaged with them, coaching them and developing them to be future leaders in our company.  This was something that came natural to me.  I didn’t realize I was naturally following a set of laws or principles.

Leadership is a group effort

Leaders reproducing leaders

This book laid it out.  I opened my mind to it, read it, implemented what I learned, then spread it out into the people the best I could.  And yes…I purchased this book for my future leaders.  Why wouldn’t I?

When I look back on who took part in my development throughout my career, you want to know what happened to me?  I had experienced some heartache.  I lost a few jobs in the early days because of my nonchalance.  I learned some hard truths.  Some of my bosses really laid my behaviors on the line and some cared enough to choke me with it to get my attention.  I did a lot of growing.  My mentors literally forced me and pushed me beyond my boundaries of what I thought I could achieve.  And I learned to be humble.

I believe these are characteristics that can be learned.  It takes a ton of work and tenacity, but it is achievable.

This book stresses some very important concepts.  One being…acquiring and keeping good people.  You realize that a leader is only as good as those who surround them.  It’s the most important task.  Why?  Because we can’t do it alone.  We can’t achieve alone.  And we can’t grow alone.  Period.

My people always respected me…and some still call me to this day to just chat, ask advice or just to see how I’m doing.  I’m SO LUCKY!!  Do you want to know how I did that?  If something bombed – I said “It was me”.  If it was okay – I said “WE did it” together.  If it was great….?  I said “THEY DID IT”.  If you can learn that simple concept – you’re armed with some mighty fire power.

This book give you tools to do just that.

Developing the Leader’s Around You gets you thinking about:

  • Identifying potential leaders in your group
  • Nurturing them
  • Giving them the tools to be successful
  • Developing and growing them
  • It talks about how to form that “dream team”
  • Then it shows you how to “rinse and repeat”



If you’re a natural leader, this book will show you how to give structure and meaning to the things you do.  If you feel you have potential as a leader, this book will help you identify that.  For example – this book does not have easy answers – it pushes your intellect and makes you better.  If you’re a good leader, this book will help you reach great.  Read this book like you would eat an elephant.  One bite at a time.

What have other said?

4.0 out of 5 star  – Maxwell’s Anecdotal Style Makes This an Enjoyable Read

5.0 out of 5 stars – Great Guide for Life and Leadership

5.0 out of 5 starsMaxwell continues to be one of my favorite leadership gurus


This book is not an easy read.  It showcases some charts and graphs.  There are tons of real life “homework” assignments, and assessments.  This book can be difficult because sometimes it easier to change ourselves than to influence others.  If you’re serious about developing leaders – this book will make you work for it.  There are no bells and whistles here, no pretties.  The reading can get bogged down at times and you really need to focus on the material.  My opinion…this was not John C. Maxwell’s best book – but it’s an important one to read if you’re up for the game.

Leadership Group DynamicsWHO IS THIS FOR?

If you are that person who MUST HELP OTHERS reach their full potential…this book is for you.  This is your structured road map to ensure success and to ensure that “dream team” you’ve always dreamed of.  This book is also for the future leaders of business.  Gen-Xer’s, Millennials…take note.  This book is especially for you as you make your mark on the business world.  The baby boomers are handing over the reins to you.  This book will help you be prepared.


I give this book an 8/10.  As I’ve stated, for me…this was not his best book.  But, I have to say, it’s an effective one – if you’re willing to do the work.



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