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Hey Baby Boomer!  Did you know you’re still hot?  Did you know “you still got it”.  That “It” factor is what has kept us young all these decades.  I know you have noticed something special about us.  We’re the new entrepreneur!  We are NOT like the old folks past.  We are new and improved.  We are tech savvy.  We do not consider ourselves “young at heart”…we are young in spirit!  We eat healthier than ever, exercise more than ever and keep working longer than ever.  The work part?  Some of us because we love it, and some of us because we have to.

We are redefining retirement.

Let me say something cliché here.  60 is the new 40!  Yep.  We look good and we’re at the top of our game.  We have a lot of “fun” left in us!

Retirement and work opportunities? Us baby boomer do it with fasion!

Boomers showing their colorful personalities


Many baby boomers are leaving their jobs not just to retire…but to finally live out a passionate dream and become that entrepreneur they’ve always dreamed of becoming.  Maybe we’ve always dreamed of turning our hobby or craft into a business venture.  Maybe you’re like me and want to help others start and grow a business.  Maybe you’ve always wanted to brand yourself as the “hot new entrepreneur”.  Heck, maybe you just want or need more money.

It’s time to take our lives to the next level.  One that we build and control.  One we can’t be downsized from.  Feeling complacent?  Feel trapped between a rock and a hard place?  You can fix that too.

Weight of the world

Stuck between a rock and a hard place


How about this…you’re just ready for traditional retirement yet.  You still have a lot of energy and passion to let loose.  When I got thrust into the rank of “over 50 and unemployed”, I had to take a step back and re-evaluate my life.  I willing played into the propaganda of get a job, get married, buy a house, wait for grandkids, then retire with a pension.  Well, some of that happened.  I didn’t get that pension I was hoping for and I have no retirement income worth a plum nickel.  But what I do have is tenacity and moxey.  I think I can make that work!

I wanted to marry my independence with my passion.  Was that possible?  You bet it was.  I’m doing it right now.  I’m nudging all of you boomers and retirees to do the one thing you’ve always wanted to do.

Hey, you sexy senior…it’s time to enter act two!  Draw open the curtains and begin your new career.  I’m calling you the “GreyPreneurs”.  If you can get with that title, you’ve got guts waiting for glory.

Retired and looking good!

Retired and looking good!


I know.  I’m silly.  My style might not be for you…but you know what?  If you’ve always wanted to step out and build and grow your business, you won’t find a better leader and supporter than me.  It’s what I do.  It’s my passion to help people find and reach their goals.  It’s noble work, and I take it very seriously.  I use humor…because WE NEED MORE OF IT IN THE WORLD.  Things have gotten too serious and I do my part to lighten the load.  Some of us have serious issues ahead of us.  Not having enough money for retirement is not funny.  At all.  But let’s work together to do something about, and have fun doing it.  Okay?  Okay.  🙂

GreyPreneurship seems like a logical alternative as our next act.

Silver Fox

The New GreyPreneur – The Silver Fox


And, quite possibly, online businesses are a popular choice for us.  Why?  Well, most importantly it doesn’t cost a ton of money get started.  You can join me here for a free 7 days trial.  Get your feet wet, see if you like it fist.  Plus, if you’re still working, you can start your business part time, and on your time.  We like low-risk.  It doesn’t mean we’re “chicken”…it means we’re SMART.  Have an idea?  Get it started.  Do you have a hobby you love?  Do that!  Need some ideas?  Check out my blog on niche ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Ask yourself:  What is important to you?  Write it out.  Add to your list often, think it through.  What are your pain points with your current situation?  What are your wants and desires out of life.  We’ve had a good chuck of life time to know what we don’t want…but do you know what you want.  It might be time to connect with yourself again and dream a bit.  We haven’t forgotten to dream, you know.

If you’ve been on the fence about this…let me remind you why we are perfectly poised to venture into this new adventure:

  • We know how to take risks.  The difference is that now we take calculated risk.  We plan before we dive in head first.
  • We’re savvy.  We have business acumen!
  • We’ve got skills!  And plenty of it.
  • We are mature and focused.  We have learned to “stick to it” and exercise patience.
  • We are motivated and don’t want to be bored stiff (knees included)

And remember this…just because you want to start something new, doesn’t mean you are starting over…It just means you’re starting!

Until next time…

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