Niche Marketing Ideas – Hacking Mid Century Modern Interiors

Hey all!  I’ve been absent for a piece of time, but I had good reason.  I’ve been shopping for mid-century modern furniture.  I got this demon on my back and he won’t get off.  Then… POW!  A niche marketing idea was born!  I had an epiphany – MID CENTURY MODERN INTERIORS could be a great a niche market!  If only I had the time…

Here’s how it all started.  Most of my life I bought furniture I could afford and not what I loved.  Now, at my age I’m finally ready to buy what I love.  Then it dawned on me – what the heck style do I even like?  I had no clue.  So I did what any well meaning person would do… I did a boat load of meaningless quizzes to find out my design style.  🙂

It’s a Mod, Mod, Mod, Mod, WORLD!


My new mid century modern sofa

My new sofa on order. I loved it so much, I’m having one custom made and have to wait 10 weeks for it. Gee Whiz.


Mid Century Modern Lane dove tail table

My mama’s old table… still standing proud!

Well heck, after I got my answer – time and time again; not only were the quizzes right (mid century/eclectic) but it was then that I realized I’ve always LOVED the furniture I grew up with.  I still have an original piece – an early 1960’s mid-century modern dove tail end table by Lane.  It was my mother’s.  Then I reminisced about the sectional we used to have.  It was cream with rough, bumpy scratchy material and dark brown pillows.  We had that couch until I graduated from high school.  Dang I wish I still had it!

Now that I’m focused on what I want I can hardly stand myself.  You can image what my husband must be going through.

I want mid-century modern sophistication – and I will have it!

History of this “New-Old” trend

What’s all the hub-bub?  Mid-century design is gaining popularity and making  fans swoon over this timeless design (thank you, Mad Men).  And it shows no signs of slowing down.  Mid-century design was “discovered” during the mid 20th century, roughly 1940’s and into the mid 1960’s.  Minimalist sophistication touched all areas of design including architecture, interiors and art.

Mid century modern planted its self smack dab in the middle of the 1950’s… and has grown ever since.  Some of the greats of that era include (my favorite), Joseph Eichler, real estate developer; Richard Joseph Neutra, an Austrian-American architect; Eero Saarinen, a 20th-century Finnish American architect and industrial designer noted for his neofuturistic style; Donald Allen Wexler, an influential Mid-Century modern architect; Hugo Alvar Henrik Aalto, a Finnish architect and designer, as was also a sculptor and painter! (His furniture is crazy-cool).  Then there is, Arne Emil Jacobsen, Hon. FAIA, he was a Danish architect and designer.  Love the “Egg Chair”?… That Arne’s design.  🙂

I still long for an Eichler home.  Sigh… maybe some day.

Eicher Home mid-century modern

So totally Eicher – So totally beautiful!


Why do we love Mid Century Modern?

That’s kind of a loaded question with (probably) many answers.  There are a lot of design and architectural experts out there that have their opinions from mid century modern’s small scale design for small spaces, to more in-depth reasons such as a return to futuristic modernism… you know what I mean – what was old is new again.

My opinion is a little simpler.  For me (and probably many other’s my age) its purely nostalgia.  Yes, the design is sophisticated and minimalist… but I believe it’s something more.  It’s a reminder of simple times, and simple living.  Living uncluttered by “things”.  The 50’s and 60’s were gaining momentum on technological advances, but home life was simple – and that simplicity packed a punch.  This era let us play with color and pattern, not only as an accessory, but as the furniture!

Even as a baby boomer now, I still remember every detail of the furnishings in my childhood home.  I remember that cream sofa with the brown pillows and wood accents.  I remember the dark green rocker chair with the same rough textured fabric as the sofa.  I especially remember the 2 big-ass lamps and the tension rod lamps, lighting dark corners of the living and dining room.  I’m on the hunt for those items as we speak… and when found – I will pay a pretty penny for them with no regrets.

Gone, is the bulky, ugly and offensive furniture of the 80’s and 90’s !  Here – is sleek, minimal sophistication.  Ahhh… doesn’t that sound nice?

Hacking Mid-Century Modern Niche

Mid century modern interiors

Are you looking for a niche to start your business, and LOVE mid-century design? – hold on to your hat, folks!

If you’ve haven’t read my previous article on finding your niche… make sure you take time to check it out (here).  I have great information there on how to find your passion then build a business with it.  Priceless information!  Well maybe not, if you already know this stuff – but for me (back in the day – months ago actually) the information was cutting edge. 🙂

Did you read it?  Are you back?  Good.

As you know there are basically 3 things to consider when you look at profitable niches out there in the online business world:

  • Profitable niches are well written and have totally bangin’ content.
  • There is always a unique perspective about the niche, and
  • Bloggers clearly are passionate about and love their subject.

As you can see, if this describes you and mid-century modern interiors… this niche is for you!  I see big money potential here, people.  I have personally paid upwards of $250 for original mid-century modern lighting.  And I’m about to dump several hundred dollars on an original piece of art.  Hoo boy… I’m in trouble.  So if you decide to pursue this niche – I’ll probably be a good customer!

So.  Since I love mid-century modern interior design – I did a little research.  What I found was astonishing.  This is a niche worth considering! Take a look at this screen shot and I’ll walk you through it.  Also, take a read at my Jaaxy Keyword Search Review, and you’ll understand why I use Jaaxy 95% of the time for my research.  Below I’m about to mash out some numbers for you.  My Jaaxy article will also break down and explain these numbers in greater detail.

Holy Smokes, Batman!

Let’s take a look at what I found…

Ok.  Here are 15 (FIFTEEN)!! Viable keywords for this niche.  All with good average search and traffic, phenomenal QSR (under 200 and low competition from competing websites), KQI (keyword quality indicator) is off the hook!  SEO (search engine optimization is great)! AND… AND… take a look at the domains that are available (in the last column).  Can you say “niche business in a box”?  This is good stuff folks.  (Disclaimer:  these domain are available at the time this article was written.  If you see something you like – hurry up and claim it!).

For more information on picking a domain name, click (here) to read my blog “How to Pick the Perfect Domain Name)”… Then use Jaaxy to help you hone in on a name or niche!  Easy peasy.

The term “Mid Century Modern” was removed from the above graphic because it was a high traffic keyword with tons of competition… (see below).  This will give you a better understanding of the keyword data.  Specifically using “mid century modern” will be an uphill battle for you as far as getting ranked in the search engines and carving out some traffic.  Stiff competition here, folks.

Jaaxy keyword is too broad

Do you understand the power of keyword searching for your niche?  This Jaaxy keyword tool will literally save you HOURS of research.  It’s not all encompassing – nothing is (I don’t care what you’ve read)… but this little tool is invaluable.

Let’s do MORE research

Google Trends

Then, I always like to head over the Google Trends and drop my keywords in there and look at how my potential niche is trending.  Are you ready?  Cuz it’s awesome.

mid century modern google trendsTake a look.  Interest in mid-century modern is on a STEEP uphill climb.  This is awesome.  But the keyword “mid century modern” is not the best keywords to use – but this gives you a snap shot on if this niche is a potential money maker.

It is.

Now.  You have a niche that’s a potential for traffic and profit.  I gave you solid keywords from my Jaaxy research.  Now let’s break down your new niche into a micro or precision-niche.  “What’s a precision niche, Sheila”?  I’m glad you asked.  This means you’re getting ready to target a specific market and hone in on specific groups of people looking for your product.  Why?  Like I mentioned… “mid-century modern is WAY too broad”.  You don’t want or need all that competition.  You want people, who want what you have, right?  Here are some ideas:

Mid Mod Lighting Niche

Let’s narrow it down…

  • Mid-century modern lighting
  • Mid-century modern reproductions (HUGE PEOPLE)!!
  • Mid-century modern fabric
  • Mid-century modern art, and mid-century cubist art (how fun would that be)?
  • Mid-century modern sofas
  • Mid-century modern chairs
  • Mid-century modern bathroom interiors
  • Mid-century modern kitchen interiors
  • Mid-century modern tchotchkes (who doesn’t love sophisticated clutter)?

Heck – just pick one… they’re all popular and sought after.  These are all “green light” businesses as shown above in my Jaaxy research.  Once you narrow down your niche – then hop on the social media sites and see if there is a good buzz.  I’m pretty sure there is for mid-century modern.  How do I know… ?  Been there, done that!  Check out my Mid-Mod Board on Pinterest.  🙂

Ok.  Now have a seat and think this through…

Mid century modern egg chair

Arne Emil Jacobsen, Hon. FAIA was a Danish architect and designer. The Egg Chair. SO COOL!

What’s next you ask?

That’s a great question.  Now that you have your passion all ready to go, what should you do with it?  This is where the fun begins… YOU get to decide.

  • Do you want to blog and just talk about it and share ideas?  Cool.
  • Do you want a blog and monetize it for profit?  I can help with that.
  • Do you want to buy and resell mid modern items like on ebay, etsy or your own shop? (If you said yes… you’ll still benefit HUGE from establishing your own blog and driving traffic to your out-sourced sites).  Always fun.
  • Do you want to market and sell new mid century interiors through affiliate marketing programs?  Easy and no overhead!

Either way you slice it, you’re going to need a website, blog, good content and traffic.  Let me help you with your new, fun project.

Join me at Wealthy Affiliate and get started on your new endeavor.  We’ll help you every step of the way.  If you want to blog your passion for profits… the buck starts here!  Hop on over to my personal profile page and meet me.  Take a look around and get comfy.  I promise, I won’t bite.  🙂

You’re about the embark on something truly wonderful!

Until next time…

Sheila at Financial Nest Egg


  1. Great job, Sheila!! You did an excellent job explaining niche marketing ideas and how to find keywords for higher rankings. Thank you for making it so easy to understand. I am excited about this new information and how I can benefit within a niche I am passionate about!! Thank you!!!

    • Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed the article. I love mid century modern and wish I had time to pursue it as a business. Google Trends is the best when it comes to really hacking your niche and taking a look at your business from a different perspective. And I’ve come to love keyword search and just had to share the fun! I hope my ideas help you with your niche!

      Good luck to you. 🙂
      Peace, and make it a great day!

  2. Great article. I like the way you present it. you keep it very interesting. I am going to bookmark your blog. You gave a very clear breakdown of how to find and use keywords. Thank you.

    • I so glad you liked the presentation! Thank you! I thought the idea of niche hacking would benefit and give newer bloggers insight into their chosen topic. A well thought out niche, great keywords and a lot of tenacity and patience in my recipe for success! Be on the watch for more niche hacks coming in the near future. It was a fun article to write. 🙂

      Peace, and make it a great day!

  3. Steven Varley

    You have great taste in furniture and will be keeping an eye on this site for me and the partner are re-vamping the house and want something like this.

    Is this kind of furniture expensive.

    p.s great article on niche ideas

    • Don’t you just love mid century modern? I had to hack this niche… it was pulling me in and calling my name. LOL! I love using Google Trends in combination with keyword searches. I actually use it hack niches AND I use it to get ideas for my blog.

      Unfortunately, I won’t be hacking this niche for myself as I already have two blogs and don’t have the time. I sure hope someone picks it up and runs with it – they’ll have me as a customer for life!

      P.S. I’m redoing my house as we speak – it’s getting a little pricey, but I don’t care! My backup plan is IKEA. 🙂
      Peace, and make it a great day!

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