Need Creative Blog Ideas to Write About? Here Are Topics Baby Boomers Crave.

Creative blog ideas for baby boomer bloggers

CLUNK!  Did your creativity just shut down?  Do you need some new ideas to blog about?  It’s bound to happen to the best of us.  We blog, we’re running on a high because the ideas come, flowing like water.  Then BAM!… all of a sudden we’ve run out of ideas and well has dried up.  It’s like our brain switched off.

First off, I hope you keep a notebook and write down your ideas.  As you know, those ideas will virtually come out of no where and from thin air.  Be ready when that happens.  This is my most successful way of stock piling creative ideas to write about, I jot them down as they come.  Actually my most brilliant ideas come this way.

blog topic ideas for baby boomers

If your well of ideas has dried up or you just want something “fresh”, don’t panic and certainly don’t get discouraged.  I’ve got some ideas you.  Pick what you want – or take them all!  Us baby boomer hippies share what we have and you can have all there is to give.

Let me stoke your creative juices with these suggestions.  Munch on these 62 ideas and enjoy. Why 62 you ask? Because my husband turned 62 this year so it’s my new favorite number.  Awwwww… ain’t that sweet?  🙂

Baby boomer relationships

Here Are Topics Baby Boomers Crave

The Baby Boomer Lifestyle

  1. Relationships in your baby boomer years
  2. Divorce (how’d you get through it?)
  3. Dating (is it awkward, or FUN!)
  4. Reverse parenting (taking care of OUR parents)
  5. Fashion (dressing our age with finesse)
  6. New age technologies (cable vs. streaming)
  7. What are your favorite books? Do a review!
  8. Share a personal or historical story
  9. Do a Photo-Blog (capture those kids/grandkids in action)
  10. Share what’s on your BUCKET LIST
  11. Write a letter to yourself… your 16-year-old self? FUN!!

Blog Topic. Baby boomer exercise.General Health

  1. Going to the Dr. when you don’t want too
  2. Fitness or exercise (what are your favorite tips)
  3. Living with Cancer or with some who has Cancer
  4. New aches & pains? Talk about your new found displeasure.
  5. Alternative medicine
  6. Holistic healing
  7. Taking medications (and keeping track of them all)
  8. Quit Smoking

Baby boomer topics. Vegan Health & NutritionDiet & Nutrition

  1. Vegetarian vs. Vegan
  2. What are your favorite recipes?
  3. Nutrition in baby boomer years
  4. Healthy eating
  5. Shakes and protein drinks (are they good for you?)

Baby boomer topics. Finance.Fiscally Fit Topics/Retirement

  1. Mortgages (buy/sell or keep?)
  2. Credit Cards (how do you manage your credit cards?)
  3. How to manage debt in your baby boomer years
  4. Retirement (subjects are endless)
  5. Social security (what are your thoughts?)
  6. General finance and investment strategies
  7. Starting a business (online vs. brick & mortar)
  8. Unemployment or employment in your 50’s and beyond

Baby boomer topics. Road trip.Travel

  1. Where have you travelled lately?
  2. Cruises
  3. Vacation packages
  4. A planned vacation vs. planned spontaneity
  5. Blog about a recent road trip
  6. Blog about a PAST road trip (maybe from the 60’s or 70’s)
  7. Favorite travelling music and why?
  8. How to pack a suitcase
  9. All-inclusive vs. winging it
  10. Bed & Breakfasts

Baby boomer topics. Mind body spirit.Mind, body, spirit

  1. Cosmetic Surgery (should you or shouldn’t you?)
  2. Breast Surgery (what’s necessary, what isn’t?)
  3. Mind, body, spirit
  4. Other Procedures – what have you had done lately, what was the outcome?

Baby boomer topics. Gardening.Gardening

  1. Flowers (there are so many different types of flower gardens)
  2. Herbs (for cooking or medicinal)
  3. Vegetables
  4. Hydroponics
  5. Fertilizers vs. natural alternatives
  6. Composting & recycling


Baby boomer topics. News.Breaking News

  1. Read your local newspaper
  2. What’s trending on Google News or Huffington Post?
  3. What regional news
  4. Take a look at PBS and what’s going on there

Baby boomer topics. Sports.Sports

  1.  Your favorite sports team
  2. Stats
  3. Your sport card collection
  4. What’s controversial?
  5. Who’s in, who’s out (what are YOUR thoughts)
  6. Favorite historical games (any sport – include boxing or wrestling)

Is you well filling back up?

Okay.  Let me stop now.  I think I even gave myself a few new ideas.  SWEET!  Now.  It’s time for YOU to share.  What topic ideas do YOU have?  Please share them in the comment section below.  Let’s benefit the masses, shall we?

Until next time…

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