Let’s Start – Build Your Business

You Are the Architect of Your Future!

You woke up all excited. Doesn’t matter when or where you woke up; bed, your job, while mowing the lawn or doing dishes. What matters is YOU WOKE UP WITH A GREAT IDEA!

You want to own your own business. OWN IT!

You’re inspired. All tingly…giddy. Oh boy, this is gonna be good!  You were made for this.  If you can identify with most or all of the following statements, You’re gonna be great!


  1. You’ve daydreamed your whole life about being a business owner and being in control of your own life and destiny
  2. You’re always thinking.  Thinking about fun ideas.  Thinking about new or creative ideas.  Never-been-done ideas.  You’re always thinking things like…I would make it that way, or market it here, there or this way, or help someone do… “fill in the blank”; tell someone about…”fill in the blank”. Maybe your an authority on something – and want to teach others what you know.  Or you’re a writer and you can’t turn off your brain – you’re always crafting short stories in your head for your own pleasure, or making up bedtime stories for the kiddos.  Maybe…just maybe you’ve always wanted to help or support someone who wants to start their own business (like what I do)!  The list goes on and on.
  3. You know that you’re AWESOME…and smart – but your boss doesn’t think so.
  4. You have a need to INSPIRE.
  5. Maybe you just hate your job or current situation and want something better and more meaningful.
  6. You want to BLOG…about whatever!
  7. Or maybe you simply want to have more money, but want to work from home.
  8. You see potential in the world – and want to make it better.
  9. You’re not afraid to learn what’s necessary.
  10. Last, but not least…You want to enjoy!

You get the point.  This is a short list of whys (mostly mine)…  Think for a minute and jot down your own list of “why’s”.  Don’t think hard, just get all of that stuff out of your brain and onto paper.  I bet you’ve got PLENTY of giddy to go around and the tenacity to put those ideas into motion.

Ummm.  You do understand if you have a full-time job (or part-time for that matter) you can kiss your free time goodbye?  You do?  Just making sure.  Whew…GOOD!

Okay…let’s begin.

  • Take time to read around my site.  I’m adding new things often.
  • Click here for my Wealthy Affiliate profile. You can read more about me up-close-and-personal.
  • Get comfy with the notion you can have a solid business – for real.
  • Dust your brain off…you’re going to learn some awesome stuff.
  • We’re going give you nuts and bolts – Then help you build something with it.
  • Let those butterflies in your belly loose!  Let ’em fly…They’re gonna lead you right back here – with ME!
  • Click this blue banner – AND GET BUSY!

See you in the class room.

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