Keywords For Beginners – The SEO of Things

Keywords For Beginners – the SEO of Things

It’s all about that little search box.  That’s where powerful magic can happen if you want people to find your stuff.  It doesn’t matter what type of site you have…Blog, Business, Informational, Educational, etc.; it’s the keywords that will help people find your content.

Search Engine Optimization

I’m going to keep this simple.  SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can get tricky, lengthy and quite overwhelming if you overthink it.  Some might use it as a way to “procrastinate” doing the really important task…CREATING AND WRITING GREAT CONTENT!  You’re passionate about sharing your information and you want to target the right market.  What the keywords do is help those people find your site!  That’s all.  And hopefully you want to rank high within the search engines so they can find you.

First, let’s look at why keywords are so powerful.  There are a multitude of search engines out there.  No…Google is not the only one.  They are important, however, because they have figured out a way to look at your content and where to place it within the page rankings.  Let me show you the power of search and let me introduce the 4 top players.

  1. Google
  2. Bing
  3. Yahoo
  4. Ask

The rest ain’t no slouch either…they are just up against the 4 monster search enginer.

  1. AOL
  2. WOW
  3. WebCrawler
  4. MyWebSearch
  5. InfoSpace
  6. DuckDuckGo
  7. Centenko
  8. DogPile



I’m going to give you a free tool to play with at the end of this article.  But first, you need to understand how to use it effectively.

3 Simple Steps to Remember

  1. It’s all about TRAFFIC – and low competition keywords.  I know, sounds backwards.  But think about it…do you want to go up against the big dog, high volume keywords that bring in over thousands of searches?  With competition like that, you won’t rank.  Or would you rather get to the “juice” and be up against only 300 searches or less, and get traffic?  Traffic:  Any is good – the lower the better.  Look for 50 and up to 150 and don’t worry if it’s less than 50.  With good content, you’ll rank!

  2. What’s the search result?  This is the QSR (Quote Search Results).  Let’s not get to technical here.  What QSR does is tell you the exact number of competing pages within Google – this is your “real” competition. Keyword Guru’s will suggest that you look for QSR under 300.  Personally, I think that’s a little high.  I look for under 200, and the closer you can get to zero (with good traffic) is like…BOOM!  Perfect storm.  Quote Research Results:  Under 300 QSR.

  3. Your words must make sense.  What do I mean?  Let me give you an example.

“How sew blouse” vs. “How to sew a blouse”

It’s a subtle difference but the keyword search between the two is huge!  Make sure the words you’re using make sense to everyday language and it has to make sense and relate to your topic and content.

Final Words – It’s still about the content!

All About Content

Yes, it’s true folks. Content is King!


You know I’m all about the content.  Do your research for keywords, but use them wisely.  But most importantly use your target words naturally within your content.  Don’t force it.  Figure out your (topic) – then write.  Nothing is worse than reading an article or blog so stuffed with keywords that it makes absolutely no sense.  You can’t hide it – they will see it, and they won’t be impressed.

Wait a minute, Sheila!  Just how do you do a keyword search????

I’m so glad you asked.  Are you sitting down?  Good.  Here we go.

Jaaxy Keyword Tool – The best for SEO’ing Your Content

The biggest, quickest trick to leveraging SEO for your content is finding and using quality keywords. Keywords are what people type into that little search box to find what they desire.  See below – in case you’re having a brain fart.  🙂

SEO that search box

Now.  To get your website and all that wonderful content noticed… Where do you use these little jewels? Here’s my rule of thumb, and it’s simple…

1.  Use your keyword(s) in your title (A MUST)

Make sure to use the keyword in your title

2.  Use your keywords within the first 160 characters of your blog/content

  • Google uses a snapshot of your content beneath your blog title
  • Having the keyword within that range improves your SEO

Make sure keyword is within first 160 character

3.  Use them 1% to word count ratio throughout your content

    • 1,000 words = mention your keyword about 10 times
    • Make sure it flows naturally with your writing style.  Don’t force it.  I’d rather see you use your keyword less than to have bad writing that doesn’t flow well.

4.  Use the keyword at least once in your graphic Alternate Text box located within your Image Details

WordPress - All About Content and Alt Text

That’s pretty much it.  This is the rule I’ve learned to follow and I like it.  It makes sense.  It’s easy to understand and interpret.  And I have pretty screen shots showing you how I do it for my sites.  Viola!  🙂

NOW.  Let me help you find those wonderful, solid little nuggets of keywords – we’re going to find you some good ones.


This is what I use

I use Jaaxy as my keyword search tool

Jaaxy is a powerful keyword search tool that gives you so many functions it’s ridiculous.  I use Jaaxy because it literally saves me HOURS of keyword research for my topics and articles.  I’m going to give you a visual breakdown of what I do and how I use it.

First off, you can sample Jaaxy free and get 30 solid searches.  I like being able to try-before-you-buy.

It all starts with researching your keyword.  For more comprehensive information and to learn intimately about each heading within the menu function, please read my Jaaxy review here.

Basic Search Function – the heart of it all…

Jaaxy Basic Keyword Search Funtion

This is what the screen looks like for your searches.  For your example, I used the keywords “keywords for seo” for my search.  (Ignore the “L”‘s in the little green boxes.  Jaaxy also have a saved list function – these are keywords I saved to that list).

Look here.  This is cool because you automatically see your best options.  Average search for all is good, traffic is good, QSR (competition) is great, KQI GREEN is excellent (YELLOW is iffy, and stay away from RED), and SEO is phenomenal (you want around 100 & up).

If you’re looking for a niche to build your business…  use this tool.  Read my Jaaxy review to see how I broke down how to pick a niche for your online business!  I think that’s insane and groovy.

Quick.  Simple.  Easy.

Search History

Jaaxy Search History

This is cool.  It keeps track of your searches.  I go here first before putting in new keyword searches.  Why?  Because I’m a chuckle-head and would end up researching words I’ve already looked for.  Don’t waste your searches by doing that.  Use the history tracker.

Search Analysis

Jaaxy Keyword Search Analysis

I like this function.  It takes your keyword searches and compares results on the triple-threat of search engines – Google, Bing and Yahoo.  To me that’s like getting 3x power on your searches.  Smart.  Time.  Management!

Affiliate Programs – Who should you promote?

What affiliate should I promote?

I’m starting to use this one much more for my other website that caters to healthy pet treats.  I get to see how my keywords and research stacks up again the top affiliate programs and I can hone in on my competition and choose better keyword placement.  According to this Alexa Rank I would choose Petco from the Commission Junction network.  Why?  They have a lower Alexa score (Alexa Rank = traffic ranking for that website, the lower = more traffic).  Petco is a recognized name and gets more traffic, and the commission structure is solid.  It’s a name my visitors would trust!

Brain Storm – Get ideas for content

Jaaxy Brain Storm

My all time favorite.  See that red arrow up there over “brain storm”?  Some use it to brainstorm more ideas for keywords – which is great.  However, I use it to get content ideas for future blogs.  I love it!  It helps me get over writer’s block and I don’t procrastinate because I have good ideas already laid out for me.  That’s a big win if you’re a writer!

Site Rankings – Love. Love.

My site ranking

I signed up for this free site to show that you can get access to how your site is ranking with your keyword(s).  Even with the free account I can see my search word is ranking in 82nd position on page 9.  Not bad… I could have done better though.  But as I develop my niche with quality content and consistent blogging… my ranking will improve.  Nice!

Training!  Ahhh…..yes!  Last, but not least.

Jaaxy Training Videos

Jaaxy’s training videos are AWESOME!  You get access to these video’s with your freebie sign up.  Schweeeet!  This training is comprehensive, easy to follow and is presented in step-by-step fashion.  Even an oldster like me got through without a scratch!  🙂

The video’s you get here are just what you need to get your hands dirty in SEO world.  There are for of them.

  • Keyword Research & Management
  • Website Research and Analysis
  • Niche Research Refinement
  • The Affiliate Program Walkthrough


That was long.  Bet you’re sorry you asked about keywords!  LOL!  Too bad.  If you want a real business that’s solid, you gotta have the information and you gotta have the tools.

Are you ready to try your hand at keyword searches?  Is this your first time?  You’ll be fine.  Not a beginner…then dive in and get busy.  Either way, have fun with it.  It used to intimidate me, but now I love it…especially since I know what I’m doing.  🙂

Ok.  Here you go.  Take it for a spin.  Take your topic and pop it into the search tool below.  Don’t forget to follow my steps.  Now, dig in!

Try Jaaxy!  Enjoy 30 searches, free!

Time to get your blog on.  🙂

Until next time…

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