How to Pick the Perfect Domain Name – Playing the Name Game


How to Pick the Perfect Domain Name.  Is It THAT Important?


Brand Yourself

Yes it is…

Ok. We’ve talked about why you should build your own website. We’ve delved into your passion and you’ve chosen your Precision Niche. Now, it’s time to get building. Are you ready to become your own Web Site Architect?

Then, let’s roll. Let’s talk about Domain Names!


I know your first question. “Where in the world do I buy a domain name?” If you’ve signed up with me and you’re already a member with Wealthy Affiliate, then I highly recommend you buy your domains directly from the SiteDomains platform within our site. It’s sophisticated; it’s advanced; and the domain registration processes is super easy. I like easy, and I like simple. So should you! J

It’s pretty self-explanatory. All you have to do is click on the SiteRubix menu. See the SiteDomains button directly within the menu (see my red arrow). CLICK “GO”.


Ok. Not so bad, right?

Do you already have a domain? We’ll show you how to migrate it over to Wealthy Affiliates hosting platform. Don’t forget…if you’re a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member, your hosting is included in your monthly membership of $49.99. Sweet!

Now, what domain name should you use? Get a pen and paper. Have fun with it and come up with some ideas. You can pop those names directly into SiteDomains and see instantly if it’s available. It might even spark your creativity and give you some ideas you might not have thought about.




As you experiment with different names and their availabilities…please let me offer a couple of suggestions. Try not to use confusing dashes or periods in your website name.

  • Example: (people might not remember to use the dashes and might end up on someone else’s site named See?

Try to pick .COM as your first choice. Why?

  • By default – most users automatically type .com. A .com will “brand” your business for credibility and you’ll get better traffic. It presents itself as highly professional. It’s okay to use other domains, just pick one that makes sense. There is .net which is a great second choice, and .org. which is typically associated with non-profit type organizations.
  • Try to stay away from .biz or .info. These have become (sometimes) associated with spam related sites.


There are two type of domain names.

  1. Brandable (highly recommended)
  2. Keyword Rich (this is okay too)

Let’s take a look at an example for each one.

  • BassTackleEmporiam = Brandable
  • Bassfishingtackleboxesonline = Keyword Rich
  • SewingwithKathy = Brandable
  • Ilovetosewdressesforwomen = Keyword Rich

found a domain

Here’s a fun one:

  • Paypal = Branded
  • Getmoneysendmoneytoday = Keyword Rich

Okay. So you see what I’ve done here? You have a passion and you’re not sure what to name your website? Be creative! Once in the domain site on Wealthy Affiliate, as you type, it gives you ideas! (see above sample).  So relax and have fun with it. Keep a pen and paper with you at all times, because inspiration might hit you at any time (usually the grocery store for me, or while brushing my teeth). You don’t want to lose that perfect name!

Remember…try to “brand” your name.  Don’t worry so much about keywords in your domain name.  You’re going to be writing some great content on your website that should be rich is keywords to boost your SEO ranking (search engine Optimization).


The big take a way here; be sure your site name makes sense to your chosen topic (your niche). Try to make it memorable and remarkable.

Ok.  That’s pretty much it.  I told you, I like the K.I.S.S. method of providing you basic information.  Keep It Super Simple.  I don’t want to overload you with too much information, and you already know you can reach me or my community anytime you have a question.  You can also reach me here.  Just leave me a comment below with your questions, and I’ll get back to you.

Remember – we have phenomenal training already waiting for you!  Come and take a peek inside.


Until next time…

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