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What is Niche marketing anyway!

I’ll give you the short answer.  A niche is the foundation of your business – It’s your idea!  I like to call it “precision marketing” It’s tight and focused and targets a specific segment of the market.  Here’s an example:

Niche:  Sewing – too broad.

Precision Niche:  Sewing curtains – perfect.

Another example

Niche:  Fishing – WAY too broad.  Bass Fishing – Still WAY too broad.

Precision Niche:  Bass Fishing Rods, or Bass Fishing Tackle.  You get the message.

One more example:

Niche:  Women’s Health – again, too broad.

Precision Niche:  Menopause or Yeast Infection

See how that works?

Why Is Precision Niche Marketing Important?


Precision Marketing

I love this form of marketing for various reasons.  The big reason though?  Targeting a specific market can be lucrative.  Why?  Because large retailers don’t have the ability to dominate a niche – they dominate the big picture.  And secondly, you get to dominate by targeting specific people who have a specific need, issue or interest.  I like to call it…giving the people what they desire.

And the fun part?  You get to hone yourself as an expert in your chosen field.  With a nice website and great quality content, you’ll get people coming back for more and looking to you for product reviews.  You’ll develop a following, those followers become fans of your site, those fans buy stuff…from your site and from the affiliates your represent.  Yeah.  That’s pretty cool.

Choose Your Audience


Who Needs What You Got!

To help you choose a niche you need to determine your audience.  Who are you trying to reach?  I know.  Sounds like I’m doing this backwards, right?  Shouldn’t the niche come BEFORE the audience?  Not necessarily.  Your audience will stick around.  The people are always there looking for great products.  But what about the products?  They come and go, get better, change manufacturers, or ingredients.  They become less trendy or replaced with “new and improved”.  Case in point…I used to LOVE Powerhouse candy bars – they’ve been gone for decades…but I still love candy.  See what I mean?

When you research and choose your audience it’s then that you begin to understand their true needs.  To me, it’s easier to understand what a target audience is looking for, rather than trying to find products they might want.  Once you find your true audience, then you can start thinking about affiliate programs that sell what your audience needs.  Clear as mud?  Stick with me here.

Using Keywords To Find Your Niche

Is your head spinning at the potential vastness of it all?  Slow down…I understand.  Finding the perfect niche is important.  It’s going to be the basis of your business, everyday.  You want to pick the right one.  So with that in mind, it’s important that you choose a niche or topic that you’re interested and which you’re somewhat knowledgeable.  Like…DON’T choose iPhones or gaming devices if you know nothing about them.  Sure, you’re interested…but what do you know?  I know you don’t realize it, but I just saved you hours, maybe days, of grief.  I speak from experience on this.  🙂  Yep.

Now.  Let’s do some keyword research and hone in on your perfect “precision niche”.

If you’ve already signed up with me and Wealthy Affiliate, you need to know something very important.  We have a built in Keyword Research Tool that is free.  I love it and use it all the time.  You can use the keyword tool for honing in on your perfect niche, and it’s essential in helping you write meaningful and SEO friendly (search engine optimization) articles and posts!


Try it For Free

Jaaxy is another super powerful keyword tool.  With a free trial, you get 30 free searches, it VERY comprehensive and in-depth with it’s information.  I’ve used both.

In support of my husband and his bass fishing fetish, you’ll see I chose “bass fishing” for my example.  Notice those two words have a ton of searches and traffic?  However, definite better choices here might be: “bass fishing equipment” or “big bass fishing”.  See how that gives you ideas you might not have thought about?  Cool, yeah?  Remember in my example up above I mentioned Bass Fishing Rods or Bass Fishing Tackle?  Let’s look at the difference.

“Bass Fishing” Keyword – Way Too Broad.


bass keywords

“Bass Fishing Rods; Tackle; or Boats” Much Better Keywords!

See the difference here?  Still great search, great traffic, but the difference is the competition.  You have a greater chance of ranking and getting precision hits with these keywords vs. competing with high competition keywords.  If I were my husband (a big bass fan as I’ve already mentioned!) I’d choose Bass Fishing Tackle.  Firstly, he owns like 3 HUGE tackle boxes full of lures (which I think is ridiculous), and secondly, It has a good amount of searches per month, super decent traffic (traffic that will get you ranked) and you’d have a ton of reviews to write about.  Plus…throw in some boat articles and VOILA!  You’ve got yourself a few great niche ideas.

Not so scary, right?

Pick Your Niche

Now let’s break down the research.

First, type in your keyword and in a search (Google or Bing) and see if it has a good source for PPC (pay per clicks) – those ads on the right side of your searches.  See it?  If there are no ads – then you should probably pass.  If you see PPC ads – there’s interest.  Make sense?

bing search bass fishing tackle


Then, I went to Google Trends and popped in the top three choices from my keyword search.  Remember…I love all aspects of bass fishing and I’d be happy with any of these topics.

niche trend keyword bass

Here’s a graph of what Google showed me.

Now, looking at these trends you see that traffic was way up on all 3 in 2005 – but then you see a steady decline.  But see how they still have decent traffic?  That’s good.  Traffic is decent from 2009 to now.  Looking at these numbers, the hardest decision will be “which one to choose”.

Was this all clear as mud?  Or does it make sense.  I wish someone had told me this in the beginning.  Like I said – I’m saving you a ton of time here.  Use this system.  It’s easy, simple and quick.  But don’t forget the most important thing…FOLLOW YOUR PASSION and do what you love!


Follow Your Passion!

Now…you’re armed with a niche!  You’ve learned the importance of Keywords and how to use them in research.  You’ve used precision-like ninja research to hone in on your passion.  You’ve used Google Trends and Google or Bing search engine to determine potential profitability.

NOW…it’s time to build that Website!  YAY!

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