Are Your Blog Ideas Piling Up? How to Organize Your Creativity!

First off, congratulations!  Having to many blog ideas is the grooviest thing ever.  Then that overwhelming feeling grabs you.  How do you organize your creativity?  Ahhh…that, my friend, is the challenge.  Let me tell you my rags to riches story. In the beginning aka “The chaotic chronicles”   When I first started blogging I had to figure out what to … [But wait…there’s more]

Stick Ball, Kick the Can and Other Social Media

Being Social.  Old School…meet New School. An article about stick ball and kick the can?  And what does that have to do with social media?  I know it sounds silly, but please read on.  It gets interesting. Old School.  The Back Story.   I grew up in Nebraska in the 1960’s.  Lincoln, actually.  The part I … [But wait…there’s more]