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Think before you retire. Do your research. What’s your plan?


So, I’m thumping around the internet…one of my favorite past times lately, and I see disturbing numbers out there regarding our earning power at retirement.  Since my retirement years are (sort of) around the corner, these finding are making me stop to catch my breath.

You’ve read my posts, so you know I have to vent.

Economic Downfall

Is the economy uncertain?

Okay.  So you want to retire sometime in the near future, right?  And, you realize you definitely won’t be pulling in the same income as you did with that sweet job.  Soooo…all I’m saying is don’t leave your job until you do some research.  Unless, of course, you have no option because you were downsized.  Either way, just make sure you have a plan of action.  First thing to note?  Our income already isn’t keeping up the economy.  Start with a plan for that.

Did You Realize?

Did you know that when you retire, your income could fall by an average of 38%?  Holy Smokes!  Did you know that roughly 20% of people with a pension might get only half of what they’re use to making?  Oh boy.

retired in retail

Welcome to…(fill in the blank)

Can you say “Welcome to (insert store name here)” while wearing a funny hat?  I don’t want to.  I hate funny hats and I don’t want to stand or sit all day while people parade by me thinking to themselves…”that’ll never be me”!  Well…WAKE UP, because it COULD be you if you don’t have plan.  Unless you like the thought of wearing funny hats, I do apologize, I don’t mean to be rude or condescending.  I figure those retirees have 2 things going on in their lives…1) they’re high energy seniors and either bored or just love being out and about with the need for human contact (cool), or 2) they need extra income to live on for better quality of life (not so cool).

I’ve decided to be proactive, right now.  I have started my own on-line business enterprise in preparation for a retirement future that I can be proud of.  I don’t want a part-time job.  I don’t want schedules I don’t control.  I’m tired of being told what to do for the sake of “corporate protocol and metrics”, what about the customer/client!  I’m over expensive suits, briefcases and new shoes to match.  I’m certainly tired of 2 hour daily commutes, road rage and gas sucking cars.  What do I want?  I want to be happy.  I want to feel secure.  I want something of a life that I can control.  I want flipflops and shorts!  I guess we all want that on some level.

And something else I figured out?  Retiring doesn’t mean you have to lower your income status.

What Type of Businesses Are There?

Scam Alert

Watch out for scams!


There’s the Work From Home angle.  The Scam Artists.  They’re smooth…and they want your money and your soul.

Do your research and protect yourself from potential scam artists.  There’s a ton of them out there.  Remember stuffing envelopes from home?  I NEVER made a dime.  I tried it anyway, even after seeing first hand it wouldn’t pan out.  I remember back in the 70’s my mom tried it.  She paid and paid, but never received envelopes to stuff much less any money.  She did, however, receive a brochure showing her how to take other people’s money using the same scam!  She was devastated.  She had used her “allowance” to invest and lost her small pittance of sock drawer money.  She also tried assembling products from home.  Nothing.  And there are no such thing as Sea Monkeys.

Look.  I’m not one to begrudge someone trying to make a living.  I just hate scams because they take advantage of well meaning people, like me and you.  I get that these scammers what to make money.  So do robbers and thieves.  I know they’re not killing anyone or kidnapping children.  But It’s still not right.


Don’t fall for false prophets (I mean profits)

There’s all those promises to make $3000 to $4000 a week, IN JUST A FEW DAYS TIME, linking with Fortune 500 companies and their products.  As sure as I’m sitting here I almost fell for one several months ago.  I was starry eyed at the possibilities.  Then I saw it…”Special Promotion Ends Tomorrow: (insert date here) 2015″.   I stumbled across that same ad again today.  Guess what it said?  “Special Promotion Ends Tomorrow: Saturday , 17 April 2016”.  Hmmm…could that be a coincidence?  Also…I saw this:  (Editor’s Tip: On average, readers who chose to use at least two of these top programs are making over $8,000 a month. If you are serious about working from home and need money quickly, this may be an exciting option for you to try)


Me! Me! Me!

Do you know how many millionaires there should be in the world?  They might as well just ask “WHO WANTS A SUITCASE FULL OF MONEY??

Okay.  Alright already, I’ll tattle and tell you what they were:

  1. Cash From Home
  2. Replace Your Job
  3. On-Line Income

Slim sketchy.  Please stay away.  First off, it seems the person at the head of these scams does not exist.  I dug anyway and couldn’t find her.  “I truly apologize if you exist and are really real”!  Truly.  I do apologize.

This person hasn’t even taken the time to respond to all the “glowing” praise and comments about her programs.  She’s either super busy or too busy building more bait & switch websites for poor schmucks like me.

The Bottom Line?  Stay away from ANYTHING that over promises – because they are sure to Under Deliver.


Call Center Representative

Call Center Representative

At Home Call Center gigs could be good.

It definitely is not get rich quick…it’s not get rich slow either.  But it helps.  At home customer service reps probably get $9-$10 an hour and have a flexible schedule.  What do they do?  Mostly inbound call situations like taking or placing orders, offering technical support, helping with customer information.  Every time I call one of my favorite on-line retailers about an order or a return – I swear I’m talking to someone sitting behind a desk in their home office.  I bet I’m right.  Telecommuting and at-home customers reps have been around a long time – we just never thought about it.  I’ve found gigs on,, and  It’s a thought.

Do taxes

Become a tax preparer

Do you know how to do taxes?

Man.  I want to do this.  First…tax training is a must!  Then keep it on the up and up…and register with the IRS as a tax preparer and get your PTIN (Preparer Tax Identification Number).  Get you some great tax software – professional, not TurboTax.  Business cards…and you’re good to go.  Now these steps take some planning, time and money for the classes, but if you can and have a passion for taxes…by all means!  This would be cool.

Virtual Assistants (No.  Not just for women)


Virtual Assistant

I figure this is a good one.  But then again I’ve been interested in this for years, with not much luck – or maybe lack of trying on my part.  First you have do to a lot of foot work and cold calling for find someone legit who needs your assistance.  And you must own a great computer system and high speed internet.  I have noticed over the decades that Executive Assistants seem to be going by the way side.  Don’t get me wrong, they’re still out there.  You’ll see them called office managers, administrator of office affairs, or senior assistant.  This is what I know – the pay sure went WAY down from my days back in the 90’s.

Love Kids (or pets)?  Be a Nanny-Granny/Grampa

Watching children is big business, if that’s for you.  If you’ve got tons of time and patience to give – take in a few kiddoes.  Or be a nanny at their home.  Pays pretty darn good at $13-$15 an hour.  I was surprised actually.

What about taking in a pampered pooch or two.  Me and my husband never travel because we have our pup, Luther.  We’re actually thinking about having someone stay in our home to care for him while we travel to see our grandkids…to the tune of $30 a day!  I’d rather have him at home then being boarded in a cage most of the day – that would break our hearts!

make pottery

Make and sell your crafts

Arts and Crafts

Are you crafty?  Do you like to build things?  There are so many people out there, myself included, who would rather buy something crafted by an artist than buy cookie-cutter anything from a store.  I mean like woodworking?  Outdoor furniture and accessories, lighting, sideboards and wood dining tables and desks.  Woo-wee!  I got goosebumps for a second!  Hand crafted lighting, pottery and knick-knacks.  Jewelry?  Anything.  I get excited at the possibilities.  I mean it.  I paid $30 bucks for a handcrafted pottery mug back in the 90’s…it’s still my favorite.  If you have a gift – please share it!  We want to own it.

Working with ME!

If you’ve hung around and checked me out, you know my passion is helping others start their own on-line business.  No smoke and mirrors as what we do is get you the training and support you need to “do your thing”.  If starting something “for you” is on your plate…read here to get more information.


These are just a few ideas, there are a TON more out there.  I like to keep my blogs short and simple – easy, quick reading for your entainment, pleasure and information.  I sure hope you find some value in my rantings.  I do it not only for me – but mostly for you.  Isn’t it fun to read about the lives, thoughts and opinion of others?  🙂  Well…I like to.

If you have an idea for a home based business or work from home opportunity that you’ve found works for you…please me know.  I’d love to hear all about it.

Until next time…

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