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BABY BOOMERS…Gather Round!

I’m that person.  I was born between 1946 and 1964 – and there’s a label for us; “Baby Boomers”.  I’m young in my mind and spirit, but finding out my body is tying to catch up with my true age (…must fight this strange phenomenon).

Along with that young spirit comes a lot of baggage from a bygone era.  What’s that mean, you ask?  If you’re over 50, you probably already know what I mean.  If you’re not yet there – read on, my friends – and prepare for your future.

I’d like to introduce myself.

I’m Sheila.  I own my own blog-style internet business (a couple of them actually).  And I help baby boomers do the same.  Sounds noble, yes?  I’m taking the old Rock N Roller in us and turning us into Rock Stars.  Remember the song by Joe Walsh?  “Life’s been Good (to me so far)”.

That’s what I do here.  My goal is to make life good!

Financial Nest Egg was launched this year for the baby boomers, the retirees, or the unemployed.  It’s for those of you who are active in life and you still want in on a little action.  We want what the young kids want… success by our own hand; and in the process, we want to build our financial nest egg to support our future.

Let’s see, how would I describe myself?

preview[1]I am – a baby boomer; bold and bodacious; brilliant and beautiful.  I find myself aging gracefully within the “F” word…”FIFTY”-ISH.   I’m old school, with a new attitude.  I’m energetic; I’m creative!  I play classical piano, I write short stories and poetry; I love to sew, paint with oils and enjoy photography.  I enjoy wood working and designing a multitude of things, jewelry, lighting, furniture, and buildings.

I have – an entrepreneurial spirit!  I dreamed of starting my own business.  I developed my business and leadership skills.  I believe and preach that good managers “manage the process and lead the people!”  I am highly successful within my chosen field!  Good stuff, right?

I am – also unemployed.  But let me back up.


All those cool, creative things I love to do?  When I was growing up, “girls” aka women, didn’t do those kinds of things for a living.  Oh yes…we could play piano (for enjoyment or to teach), sew (for our kids and ourselves to save money), paint (when you didn’t have house work, kids, or dinner to take care of);  and, photography (must take pictures of those kiddos); “girls” certainly didn’t work with wood, or design buildings or start their own businesses.

What was I told?  “Learn to type and get a clerical job, so you’ll have something to fall back on in case the marriage fails”.  It was the 70s.  Things in the world were changing, but not in my house.  My mother was Black “Hazel”…except we were not the Baxters;  and she was not the maid – she was wife and mother.

So, being a good little girl of the 60’s and 70’s…I did as I was told and went on to build my persona within the corporate structure and eventually started the uphill battle of climbing that ladder.

TRUE STORY.  No such thing as living the dream back then.

face-40044_1280HANG ON MEN!  Please don’t leave me quite yet!



I’m here today, because I’ve been recently ousted from my job.  My position was eliminated and I made too damn much money – I no longer fit within the “new” management titles and pay structures.  I got the boot and still feel the pain of it on my backside.

The education, status and position I had worked so hard to get was backfiring.  I felt like I was being sectioned out of the job market because of this new corporate structure of “work more – for way less pay”.  How much of a pay cut am I willing to endure?  Please don’t make me answer.  But I’ll tell you this:  I’ve fallen (off the corporate ladder)…and I REFUSE TO GET BACK ON IT!

Oh.  And did I forget to mention I’m part of a large population of baby boomers who didn’t save money for retirement.  Stupid, right?  I guess I thought I would live forever and had plenty of time – I was immortal.  Time ran out.  Now what?…


Really.  NOW WHAT??

That’s why I’m here.  I’m taking back ownership of my life and finances.  Is this something you’ve always wanted to do?  I always wanted to have my own blog.  I want to talk about topics that affect baby boomers.  I want to talk about our trials and tribulations, our hippie spirit, our fun, upbeat take on life, our grass roots upbringing, our retirement and much more.  Lucky for me, I found an educational site called Wealthy Affiliate that helped teach me how to build my blog from start to finish. What a total joyride it’s been!  So much fun is being had.  Despite its name, Wealthy Affiliate is not just about making money.  It’s a learning, education-based community where everyone wants to see you succeed.  I want to succeed, and I want you to do the same.

And believe me… I’m no expert.  I’m just me, Sheila.  I’m only an expert at my life and what I’ve learned and what I believe.  Just like you.

What have YOU always wanted?

  • Do you have a hidden passion to create?
  • Do you have a goal that’s been hidden from view because you’ve been entrenched in the status quo?
  • Do you believe you deserve happiness (whatever that means for you)?
  • Do you have a calling to own you own business, but didn’t think you could?

The point here is:  You’ve got something to say, do or be.  And I’m going to help you do that.

Right now, this could describe you: Floating in the same boat?  Digging in the same rut?  Running the rat race with long commutes?  None of it getting you where you want to go?   Are you unemployed and finding it challenging to find a job…at your age? Are you retired and tired of just getting by?  Aren’t you better than these “situations”?  Yes.  You are.  Enough questions, I promise. 🙂

If I’m speaking your language and you would like to join me within Wealthy Affiliate, you can register here for your free starter membership.  Come on, you… join me and my community and network with other newbies and professionals who are there to help and support you.


If your destination is to own your own business, control your retirement destiny and live YOUR life…then let’s do this thing!  Let’s show these new kids on the block that we are internet savvy!


Come on, you!  Let’s Build Something Together.  I’m here to support you every step of the way!

Again, my name is Sheila, and it’s so nice to meet you.  If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me below or you can reach me directly at Wealthy Affiliate (here is a link to my profile).  My profile name is Bluzy1 – cuz my one true love is the Blues and good ole Rock N Roll (OH!  And my hubby!)  🙂

If you’re ready to build your future, for free…join me.

Come join me. Wealthy Affiliate.

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Entrepreneur.  Yep!  I said it!




  1. Hi Sheila! I too am a Baby Boomer was told those same exact things! I caught the tail end of it (1964) but feeling the pain!!!

    We didn’t save for retirement because everything is so expensive and keeps going up and up!! And now what??

    It is time to turn this battleship around!! And start looking out for ourselves!! You have the right idea!!

    • Girl, you said it! Our parents actually did a disservice to us back in the day. It’s not their fault though, at all! They were actually looking out for us and protecting us in the best and only way they knew how…and I appreciate that. And who knew the world would change so radically over the next several decades?

      I remember thinking…I should save money. I was a single parent! I didn’t have anything to save. As a matter of fact, back then I would have been $145.00 per month better off had I gone on “assistance”. I chose not to. Instead, I took the hard road and ate a lot of Mac N Cheese, rice and beans. I say that not to brag, but to admit I made a choice – and one I felt was best for me. Was it a struggle? Yep. And I’m still feeling the repercussions of not saving for my future, and it’s scary as hell.

      You and me, Deb. Together we’re going to turn this battleship around. Finding Wealthy Affiliate was a sign. Actually, I take that back…Wealthy Affiliate found me! And I am grateful. I now feel I have the fuel to drive that battleship all the way to retirement. 🙂

      Peace, and make it a great day!

  2. Hi Sheila,

    This is Barbara I am the one that asked you to look at my website and now I’m reading yours. I can so related to what you are saying I’m a baby boomer too but an older one than both you and Debbie. I am 65 and I actually did ok because I didn’t listen to anyone ever when they said certain jobs are for men and others for women. I spent a lot of time going to Unoversity because I also decided the only way I might ever get to travel was when I was a student so I got a great education, did a lot of travelling and even picked a lucrative major or 2 or them, I graduate with a BA in Math and a BS in Computer Science back in the 70s so I did really well at work and made good money but after i had already worked at the same place for 25 years i was ripped to shreds by this new person who met with the boss and told him the group I was in were alll lousy so the boss, being an idiot and managing technical people without any technical knowledge himself, believed her. I put up with it until my annual review when her words showed up on my review. I knew it couldn’t be the manager’s because it was about my code in my programs and he wouldn’t even know where to find the programs let alone understand them. Well after that all i could think of was when would be the best date to retire so i could get the mosst for my pension in the least amount of time. So I did retire in January 2013 after I turned 62.

    I was really upset and my confdence was just blown away and meanwhile my marriage of over 30 years was now doing great but I quickly found out it was much worse than I though. He drank too much and cheated on me and ended up falling in love with someone else. So I was really in bad shape–no selft esteem, depressed it was awful up until he left last December 15, 2014 and I have been trying to buy the house and started up a divorce. Anyway what I totally relate to is not able to get a job because I’m too old and not wanting to do the commute thing any more at all. So after 3 years of looking for a job with no luck I decided I was going to try and earn money online and here I am–but not before I was cheated out of tons of money and now have a nice fat debt to pay off with just my pension?? So I am done with the rip off artists charging me tons of money for things I could have gotten so much cheaper. But I think I was just a little (or a lot) going thru some kind of desparation to find something to be successful at because divorced at 65 with no job—reallly really sucks.

    So all that buying was started a little before I found WA and I just wish i would have just found WA and went on from there. Anyway I think I have taken up way too much space.

    But I’m not leaving until I tell you that you are a beautiful and very talented woman and this is an amazing website! You are a successs!


    • Barbara! What a heck of a story. Your story shows why baby boomers are so compelling. I’m on the younger side of baby boomerdom, but I still felt the pain of controlling, sexists parents. Good for you for not listening, and for choosing to follow your passion. I wish I could have been that brave. I did what I was told, like a good little girl. You know, when I was in grade school and beyond, I had a true passion and a love of astrophysics and studying how the universe works – I still do. My life could have been so different! But being raised small minded…I couldn’t grasp the career potential. What a shame. I have so many great theories I’d love to research! 🙂

      You have been through a lot! That’s what makes our generation so important not only business, but life. We have experience and knowledge you can’t get anywhere but through living and getting through life. You are getting through life!

      I’m glad we both found our way to Wealthy Affiliate. This place is profoundly wonderful, especially for people like me and you. We have patience, we are realists, we have tenacity and courage, and because of that…we will be successful.

      I thank you for stopping by and sharing your story. You are an amazing woman with a strong character. I see nothing but great things in your future!

      Peace, my friend…and make it a great day!

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