11 BS Facts About Baby Boomers Everyone Thinks Are True

Ok.  I’ve been thinking about BS baby boomer facts for a while now.  Let me tell you when and how it all started.

baby-boomer-grandma a BS fact is rocking about the corner

Okay. SERIOUSLY???!!!?!?!


Our daughter, along with 2 of our grandgirls, came down south to Tennessee to visit and stay a piece (I had to say that – LOL!!).  I LOVE THEM!!

Our girls

That’s daughter in the middle, book-ended by the G-Girls. Aren’t they beautiful??


Anyway…they LOVE our new home we purchased just last year.  It definitely needs some updates, but we love its charm and groovy vibe.  We don’t have “hard-wood floors, granite counter tops or stainless steel appliances”, we don’t have an “open concept floor plan”, and we don’t need any of that.  What we do have is a home we love that has plenty of room for family and friends and it’s cozy, comfortable and inviting.  (Okay.  I AM going to replace that Godawful kitchen light!  SHEESH!)

Our kitchen

The 80’s is calling and wants it kitchen back!


But, I digress.  Let me tell you about todays rant.  It’s was all about grandgirl, Eva (on the Left in above pic).  She said…

“Granny.  I love your house.  It doesn’t look all ‘grandmotherly’ like other houses I go to.  You have cool furniture!  I love all your artwork!  You cook exciting meals with new exotic vegetables.  You paint, and write.  You hike and cook fish that grandpa catches.  You make Luther homemade goodies (Check out our pup Luther’s Blog here).”

“And Grandma…you don’t look or act old at all!!!”

Uh.  Okay.  So all those things I take as for-sure compliments.  But it got me thinking?  What type of BS thoughts are going on out there about being “grandparents”?  What connotations are going on about us “new old people”?

Well, I’m about to share my thoughts on that.  You know me…you knew it was coming didn’t you?  TIME TO RANT!  LOL!  🙂

Baby Boomers…Hear Us Roar!

Let’s take a look at some BS facts about baby boomers that everyone must think is true.

BS Fact #1:  Baby Boomers are slowing down with age.  


Yes, we still like our music LOUD…and not because we’re losing our hearing!


Not true!  We don’t sit around in rocking chairs with blankets covering our shoulders, knitting or crocheting with a cat curled up on our laps.  We don’t just go to church, play pinnacle, or garden either.  We are way more active then grandparents of generations past.  We travel!  We hike and bike!  We zip-line and parachute.  We still rock out at concerts.  We are health conscious and take fitness serious.  We DIY and we have “style”.  Ok.  It may take a little longer to recuperate…but hey, we’re still out there!

BS Fact #2:  We are “technology challenged/disabled”.  


Can you DIGG it?


Ok.  Some us are.  🙂  I do still have a flip phone, but only because I’m a cheap skate!  Look, believe it not…Boomers were in the workforce during the evolution of computers – we were there at the beginning – so don’t get coy.  We know all about, email and the internet, and we even know what the new “social” is all about. I only have 2 things to say:  #1 Steve Jobs and #2 Steve Wozniak; the grandfathers of invention.  Steve Jobs was 56 when he died.  Steve Wozniak is now 65ish…and for damns sake…Bill Gates is 60!  ALL BABY BOOMERS – bringing technology to the people.

BS Fact #3:  We have tons of disposable income and we’re wealthy.  


I have so much money it literally falls from my ceiling! NOT!


Okay.  Are you talking rich? or financial independence?  We don’t feel rich, but if you want to get technical, then you could consider boomers to be the wealthiest generation in history so far.  But look at the other side of this.  Over one quarter of boomers have no savings or investments at all.  Yeah, I know.  Some of us (me included) obviously didn’t think it through – or had we tragic misfortunes catastrophic to our lives.  Sad, but true.  This category of baby boomer is screwed!  If you were smart with your money and did all the right things…then good for you.  But you better have a plan to maximize what you do have, because it might not go as far as you think.

BS Fact #4:  We LOVE mainstream advertising.  


If you want our interest…you better have a strategy!


Yeah…we see your commercials and your targeted marketing.  We see your “jitterbug” phone followed by Cialis commercials and hot rod Buicks.  Pa-LEEZE!  Stop advertising us as old and washed up and on the hunt for our “youth”.  I personally think a lot of advertising (along with a host of movies and TV shows) have gotten crude in recent years.  Stop offending us, and stop insulting and stereotyping…we’re not stupid, or “old”.  If you want to get our attention…BE CLEVER!  We like that.

BS Fact #5:  We are stubborn and set in our ways.  


Try a new concept? SURE!


We might stick “with what we know”, or you can consider that we know “what’s tried and true”.  But, we are definitely not set in our ways.  We love to experiment and try to new products and ideas as much as the next generation.  We pay attention to advertising that speaks to “us”, and not a preconceived notion of us.  Did you forget?…we grew up during the 60’s – a decade of industry growth, new product development, bell-bottoms, fringe and we thrived on experimentation!  🙂

BS Fact #6:  We can’t wait to retire.  


No! No! We won’t go!


Now more than ever, boomers are working longer.  Some because they want to, and some because they have to.  More boomers than ever are starting their own businesses and using technology as the springboard for their ideas.  On-line businesses have skyrocketed, and baby boomers are looking for ways to capitalize on a potential multi-trillion dollar internet market.  According to Forrester, online retail sales are projected to hit approximately $330 Million in 2016.  That’s just retail, people!  Think about the implications of that and think deeper about what the financial outlook is for anyone wanting to start an online enterprise.

Looking for an idea?  According to Marketing Charts, “Boomers account for 78 million people in the US and control more than 83% of consumer spending. 40% of the US population is over 45, with 50% market growth projected in the next 15 years. Boomer spending is expected to surpass $4.6 trillion by 2015.”

Makes you giddy, doesn’t it?  This baby boomer, right here, wants a piece of that and I won’t get it by sitting in a rocking chair while life ticks away.

BS Fact #7.  We live in the past.


Disco and Bell Bottoms….GROOVY baby.


Yes we do, sometimes.  And you will too.  One thing I’ve noticed; no matter what decade you grew up in…it’s the BEST decade.  Nuff said.

BS Fact #8:  All Baby Boomers are “empty nesters”.


Empty nest syndrome?


Well, in my household this is certainly true.  I had my kids in my early 20’s, however, most of my friends waited to have their kids.  Some of their kids have just graduated from high school, some are still fairly young teenagers, and then there are those “kids” who just refuse to leave home.  They’re in their 20’s, 30’s and beyond.

Please stop assuming.  There are also a ton of single boomers out there.  The never marrieds, the widows, those “shacking up” and the childless by choice or not by choice.

BS Fact #9:  Baby Boomers are “downsizing”.


The simplicity of downsizing


Since we are retirement age – it must be time to downsize…our homes, our clutter, our monetary responsibilities, right?  Though somewhat true, more boomers are hanging on to their stuff.  Take us, for example.  We bought a big house…why?  First off…to fit all of our stuff!  And, like mentioned above, we want to have a place for friends and family to gather comfortably.  We bought our “dream house” late in life and have no intentions of leaving it.

BS Fact #10:  We have no worries.


Holy crap! Stop the misfortune…I wanna get off!


Au contraire!  Man.  I gotta tell ya.  I thought all the strife and BS would be over at my age.  Don’t get me wrong…I’m still relatively young and I’ve still got a lot of years to go, but that’s what scares the hell outta me!  It still seems to be one tragic thing, after another.  Worries about losing a job (then losing a job), about money and paying the bills.  Worries about healthcare and how to afford it.  High anxiety about lack of retirement security.  Then we let the strife consume us.  Oh, oh – here comes the “stress related illnesses”.

We forget to remember about the little things in life, the good things. Those “silver linings and rainbows”.  We still have our issues and will continue to have them.  The difference is “we have way more practice dealing with them” so we make it look easy or non-existent.  That’s all.

BS Fact #11:  We are hard of hearing.


Huh? What did you say! SPEAK UP!


No.  We have selective hearing.  We just don’t want to hear your BS.  🙂

My point here has been this:  There are just too many assumptions made about us “elders”.  Stereotypes reach across all of the generations and each one is unique in their own way.  By embracing the different age categories, we can experience the fun of blending all of what each generation knows and does.  We all can learn and benefit from that!  We are willing to adapt and change…even at our age.  Are you?

Until next time…

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  1. Great post Sheila! Reminds me of that Don Henley song, I think I mentioned it on one of my own posts…
    I will not go quietly
    I will NOT lie down!”


    BTW, that phot above of gas station sign reminds me of the gas wars that were going on. We were told there was a “shortage”of fuel due to the “oil crisis” Gas had jumed jumped up from 29.9 to a whopping 76.9 at the pump. There were mile long lines and fist fights were breaking out because drivers were trying to butt in line. I got a long version of this story coming up on my blog, but I’m still a few chapters away. Can’t wait to share!

    Anyway, I love what you’re doing here, my fellow Baby Boomer !

    • Thanks Hal! I’m actually having a blast with my new site. Me, you, and Don Henley, what a great team we would have made!

      And yes…that’s why I chose that gas station sign. It reminded me of the same thing! LOL! That’s too funny. Lucky us for all of the things we’ve gotten to see and experience. I can’t wait to read your continuing saga of your Great American Journey. Man, it just takes me back. I love to live in the now – but a trip back through all that change is remarkable. What a great time we grew up in.

      BTW…I hope you’re thinking of turning your Journey into a novel someday. It’s one I would definitely read!

      You take care, and we’ll keep in touch. We’re in this together!
      Peace, and make it a great day.


  2. Helen Dunbar

    Hi Sheila just loved your site, you are so true, no one wants to be put in a home sitting on a chair rotting until they die, I know my self that if I did this i would be dead already, it is much more fun to live, lets all have fun we are not down and out yet, cheers Helen

    • I love that we are the “new, old generation”. We have so much energy and a zest for life that’s infectious! I can’t imagine rocking away my life. I have too much joy to spread to the world! It’s so good to see you here, Helen!

      Have a great week, and thank you so much for stopping by and I’m so glad you’re enjoying my site!

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