Niche Marketing Ideas – Hacking Mid Century Modern Interiors

Hey all!  I’ve been absent for a piece of time, but I had good reason.  I’ve been shopping for mid-century modern furniture.  I got this demon on my back and he won’t get off.  Then… POW!  A niche marketing idea was born!  I had an epiphany – MID CENTURY MODERN INTERIORS could be a great … [But wait…there’s more]

Need Creative Blog Ideas to Write About? Here Are Topics Baby Boomers Crave.

CLUNK!  Did your creativity just shut down?  Do you need some new ideas to blog about?  It’s bound to happen to the best of us.  We blog, we’re running on a high because the ideas come, flowing like water.  Then BAM!… all of a sudden we’ve run out of ideas and well has dried up.  … [But wait…there’s more]