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It Takes a Village to Raise a Child

Wealthy Affiliate Global Community

Our Global Community

Want to know what I found out?  Wealthy Affiliate’s Global Community Support Platform is a secret ingredient for success.  It’s a sophisticated business forum that pays it forward…entrepreneurs helping like minded people.  If you’ve failed at starting an online business in the past, I’m about to divulge my success recipe.

You’ve always had a dream of starting your own online business.  You want to start…right now.  You mean it this time.  But, you have that little voice whispering in your ear…”don’t do it!”

You’ve been here before…you’ve tried to build something special and it failed (online or brick and mortar).  You put in a ton of time, effort and probably a stack of cash.  Why did you fail, and who did you blame.  Be honest, and you don’t have to answer out loud – just think about it.  Maybe you’ve been to Wealthy Affiliate in the past and gave up.  I’ll tell you my secret.  I’ve failed at starting my own business, several times.  Or rather…I would quit.  I didn’t realize building a business was going to be such hard work.  When it got tough, I back out.

Then I fell for scams that promised “easy, instant gratification”.  I wanted instant and I certainly wanted easy.  No such thing, people.  NO SUCH THING.  I’m not trying to scare you off, I’m just sayin’.  🙂

I finally understood something.  I wasn’t a failure, and I wasn’t lazy or chicken.  I just needed a ton of patience, and, mostly, I needed help.

We need support

Have you ever been totally frustrated then quit something you love because you needed help and couldn’t find it?  Me too.  Our business forum is there for you and Wealthy Affiliate’s global community support is the best in the industry.  How do I know?  I’m that person who has quit time and time again because I needed something.  Maybe I needed an answer to a question (or many questions), I needed to know how to do new project, I needed an explanation, I needed a different way of looking at something.  Maybe I just needed an ear to hear me out – an understanding ear from someone who’s “been there, felt like that”.

How about this; Maybe I just needed emotional support.  Building an online business is hard and sometimes, lonely work.

Hard, lonely work

We are social creatures by nature.  It all started when we made that first childhood friend – then met their friends – and their friends, friends.  You met more new people and introduced them to your other circle of friends.  That “social non-media” trend continued throughout grade school, high school, then possibly college, then spread to co-workers and casual acquaintances.  We call it networking.

An old saying from back in the day still rings true:  It takes a village to raise a child.  What’s the intentional entrepreneurial meaning of this phrase?  In my opinion, it means that we should help those that we are close to; our friends and family, and our networks. Everyone needs a small support group to get by in everyday life.  Wouldn’t you agree?


You.  Surrounded by Us.

It’s as if we’ve become a world of “self thinkers”.  We’ve forgotten about this concept of giving a helping hand.  In today’s society we are so worried about ourselves, that we don’t think about those around us.  Sad, isn’t it?  Think about that for a moment.  The concept of “community” has been lost to the realm of individual responsibility. Yes, I am responsible for myself and my friends are responsible for themselves, but should we feel weird about calling on them and asking for help or support if we need it?  Wouldn’t we want them to ask us for help?  I think deep down, most people want to show and share their knowledge.

I’ve run into the mindset of “I’m not telling you what I know – you might get the upper hand”.  You know who they are (it might even be you)…they give you only part of the information so you don’t have all of their full knowledge.  They are subconsciously setting you up for failure.  This controls you and it’s a safety mechanism to ensure “their” success secret is kept safe.  It reminds me of asking a friend for their great recipe.  They say SURE, then fudge the recipe just a little to ensure it’s not as good as their original.

Let’s break down why Wealthy Affiliate’s Global Community it the best

Iron Clab ideas and collaboration

Solid Ideas and Solutions…anytime day or night

We forget that there is enough in the world for everyone.  Really.  There is enough to go around and the true, confident leaders know this.  The leaders in this community take time out of their own businesses to help you with yours.  How cool is that?  And there is no fear that “someone will steal ideas”.  Why?  Because there are enough ideas for everyone as well.  They are not afraid of competition for this very reason.

I have found this community to be the best in the world.  That’s why I coined it “GLOBAL”.

I’m sure you would agree…the most difficult part of building a business online is getting help when you need it. Day or night, we build our businesses when personal time, commitment and availability is convenient.  That might be at  10 p.m., midnight, or 2 in the morning.  This community is there 24/7.  I know this for a fact.  Not too long ago I couldn’t sleep.  I was up at 3:3o a.m. and was stuck on a problem, so I threw a question out there.  I didn’t expect to get a response until “day time”.  Someone responded back to me within 15 minutes.  I gotta tell ya, I WAS SHOCKED. But mostly, I was impressed.

Available 24/7

You should get what you expect because your time is valuable, and you want to use it wisely.  You want to get help in a timely manner.  It’s smart to do that by having access to a global group of people who come tailor made with all kinds and levels of expertise, exactly when you need it.  The Wealthy Affiliate community truly cares about you and your business.  And they do it all day-all night.

We need teachers and mentors

Remember that favorite teacher and how they made us love learning?  I do.  Mr. Swanson.  He taught high school social studies.  Hated it.  But loved Mr. Swanson, and because of it…I learned a ton!  Thank you, Mr. Swanson!!  Thank you for making yourself available not just in the classroom – but anytime we needed you.  YOU ROCK!

Learning is still be fun and I’ll always enjoy embracing the “beginner” mindset.  The nice thing about the huge community at Wealthy Affiliate is you get access to the masses with great experience, but you’ll also find yourself “bonding” with certain individuals or groups.  I love that.

The global masses

Our global community

Another cool thing?  These entrepreneurs live all over the world.  Speak a different language?  You can still find help.  Our community is huge, but has an intimate, small town feel.  We currently have the largest internet marketing community on the planet.  Why?  Because no one does it like we do.  Even though the community is almost 600,000 large with over 190 countries  represented, you still feel special and a part of something amazing.  I feel it…everyday.  I’ve connected with people from France, England, China, Canada, Germany, Mexico, Thailand and too many more to mention.

I’m creating long lasting relationships and have many “soul-siblings”.  This community excepted me as a stranger and made me feel instantly at home.  Whew!  Thank you.  I’m currently in the Top 200 Rank and Status within Wealthy Affiliate.  I’m a new up and coming leader within the community.  I’m very proud of my ranking and I have the community to thank for it.  How did I get there?  By helping people, such as you, with questions, concerns, or training needs.  I’m here to support your business.  The whole community is here to help!

The personal touch…Our Dream Team


The Wealthy Affiliate Dream Team

And finally, the brain children behind Wealthy Affiliate.  Kyle, Carson and Jay.  Kyle and Carson are the founders of this training platform, and Jay puts together fantastic webinar trainings that are the best I’ve ever seen.  (Click here to check out one of Jay’s Webinars)  This is a place where the millionaire’s hang out and chat right along side the newbies.  Come on now…have you ever heard of such a thing?  When’s the last time the owner of your corporation pulled up a chair, sat down next to you and asked “how’s it going today?”  Never?  Yep…never.

The big surprise for me?  I had a policy question.  I couldn’t find the answer I was looking for within the community or training platform, so I wrote Kyle personally and directly.  I received an answer within 36 hours. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!  Yeah…I’m pretty impressed.  Those of you that know me…I don’t impress easy and I tend to roll my eyes.  Too Funny!!  Ya’ll know it’s true though. 🙂

My take away

Don’t get sidetracked by S.O.S.  (shiny object syndrome).  Get with the real S.O.S. (HELP!)  Focus and stick with it, friends.  Ask for help, that’s what we’re here for – it’s what we do.  This is not a get rich quick scheme.  This is a platform built on education, training and support.  It’s a vehicle to get you where you need to go.  Stay.  Ask.  Learn.  Write.  Grow.  That’s my recipe…and you can use it.  🙂

Are you ready to come join me and my crew?  Good.  Click the chalkboard.  Class is in session!

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Until next time…

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